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Lisa Cox – Contributor – Author

Lisa Cox is an award-winning media professional, author and public speaker who is actively changing the way disability is represented in mainstream popular culture – like the media, fashion industry and more.

Lisa’s able to objectively assess the fashion industry from both sides of the camera – as a model and a marketer. She is equally comfortable in the boardroom as she is on the runway and has uniquely fused her professional and academic media/advertising background with her lived experiences of disability.

It’s this powerful combination of insight and experience which makes Lisa a leader in conversations around diversity and inclusion.

Changing social attitudes, stopping stereotypes and rewriting the narrative around disability is what fuels Lisa’s mission to muse, educate, challenge convention and create tangible change in the way disability is represented in mainstream popular culture.

Her work has been published nationally and internationally for publications like Harper’s Bazaar,  The Sydney Morning Herald and Huff Post.


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