Contributor | Sarah Rubatch

Sarah Rusbatch

Sarah Rusbatch is a certified Health and Wellness Coach, accredited ‘Grey Area Drinking’ coach, host of two thriving online communities for women in sobriety and a passionate ambassador for supporting women change their relationship with alcohol – for good. 

Sarah has been sober since early 2019 following a 2-year journey of attempting (and failing) to moderate her alcohol consumption. With her decision to remove alcohol from her life completely came many unexpected joys, including the feeling of absolute and total freedom! 

Prior to working in health and wellness coaching, Sarah spent 20+ years working as a career coach, helping individuals identify and reach their career goals.

“In 2017 I was living my life on a hamster wheel of running my own very successful career coaching business, parenting, keeping on top of the household chores, exercising when I could, drinking (too much as a way to switch off – I was a classic ‘grey area drinker’) and quickly approaching burnout. 

It was like groundhog day. Every single day. 

I wasn’t in tune with myself at all, I didn’t know what my values were, said ‘yes’ to every invitation as I felt bad letting anyone down and I was so tired, burnt out and disillusioned. I had no inner resources or way of knowing how to change this. I kept asking myself ‘is this it?’. 

I had identified as a classic ‘grey area drinker’ – I could (and often did) take breaks from drinking, I didn’t drink every day and I was still highly functioning on a day to day basis. But behind closed doors, drinking was taking from me so much more than it was giving. I was becoming increasingly anxious, suffering terrible insomnia on the nights I drank, developing a severe hormone imbalance which affected my mood and my weight and lacked motivation or drive to be the mum, wife and friend I knew I wanted to be. “