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Rachel Walker Mason
Rachel Walker Mason

Ever since she can remember she’s been able to see music as colours when listening to music or composing a song. She has since learned that this condition is called synaesthesia and people often refer to it as “her superpower”.

She always felt her happiest and most fulfilled when singing or writing music so it felt natural to make it her career path.She never wanted to do anything else as a job and is very lucky that she has been able to live her dream, pursuing music through school, her undergraduate degree then a masters in songwriting before starting a career as a freelance songwriter, musical director and vocal coach.

During her career, She has performed all over the world, coached hundreds of singers from beginners to west end performers, run an artist management company and worked extensively in her community to encourage different generations to bond through the arts. For this, she was crowned Freelancer Of The Year and Woman of the Year.

Throughout her life, she has struggled with mental health and when her children were born she was diagnosed with postnatal depression. After recovering she set up Lyrical Light as a songwriting workshop for those struggling with their mental health after becoming parents. “It’s a real honour to be able to help people through music.” she says.

Her work now encompasses both of these aspects from co-writing and songwriting, working as a Maternal Mental Health Ambassador and with parents who are suffering from Post-Natal Depression.