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Contributor – Kristie Sumner | Founder Soul Sisters Paranormal

In 2014, investigators Kristy, Michelle, Jenny, and Cara decided to officially form the Soul Sisters Paranormal team. Investigator Kim, joined the team in 2017, and guest investigators were also been invited on some of our adventures.

In 2020, the team changed somewhat as twin sisters Jenny and Kristy became the primary investigators for the team. 

Both Jenny and Kristy have always had a fascination with the paranormal, and small impromptu investigations occurred before the formal organization of the team. While based mostly in central Florida, the sisters have traveled to (and are willing to travel) across the country in order to investigate interesting locations. Both Jenny and Kristy are accomplished professional in her respective field, and each holds an advanced PhD. Paranormal investigations and education are just parts of the services that are provided, and both Jenny and Kristy take their role as an investigator seriously. Additionally, each always treats an investigation location with the respect and the reverence that it deserves for its place in history.  

Finally, while the evidence that Soul Sisters Paranormal has collected and summarized on this website is, to us, unexplainable, we do not claim that it is verifiable paranormal activity; such claims can never be made by any group.

For a brief introduction into the formation of Soul Sisters Paranormal and to watch a compilation of some of our most intriguing evidence, please view the video below.  


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