Contributor | Donna Cameron

Donna Cameron

For over a decade, Donna advised people on presentation and style, for both their personal and professional needs. Donna worked in creative, community and corporate roles and have experience advising clients and facilitating workshops in both Australia and London. And Donna has always been fascinated by the way people choose to express themselves through clothing.

Donna was the lead stylist of Access to Fashion in 2018, a groundbreaking runway event for Melbourne Fashion Week, featuring models with disabilities exclusively. She also choreographed the event and managed the hair and makeup crew.

In 2019 the NGV invited Donna to speak at their Colour: Educator Enrichment Program and in 2021 launched her book ‘COLOUR: the Secret to Creating a Sustainable Wardrobe’ as part of the NGV’s Melbourne Design Week. In 2017 Donna was a guest speaker at The Art of Getting Dressed event for The School of Life in both Melbourne and Sydney.

In 2015-17 Donna was President of the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI) Melbourne Chapter and was Associate Editor of AICI GLOBAL magazine for three years.

Donna co-founded Fashion by Foot ethical fashion walking tours in 2017. However she is no stranger to sustainability issues; She won a United Nations Award for producing River of Dreams, a documentary about the proposal to flood Aboriginal land to grow unsustainable cotton crops. The late Ningali Lawford, a Walmadjari woman, narrated it and John Hughes directed it. The film won Best TV Environmental Reporting in 2000. Donna is also a Climate Champion for Better Futures Australia.