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Contributor | Amani Haydar

Amani Haydar’s father murdered her mother, the re-telling of her life’s story started.

As a child, her recollections, her ideals, her thoughts about her parent’s marriage – they were questioned “the night everything happened”. In 2015, she only remembered those words on that faithful traumatic day. Then, slowly, more words came.

Amani is a writer and an artist with her latest book “The Mother Wound” tells a confronting story. Its a must read

Amani Haydar is an artist, lawyer, mum and advocate for women’s health and safety based in Western Sydney. Amani’s writing and illustrations have been published in ABC News Online and SBS Life and her self-portrait Amani’s art was a finalist in the 2018 Archibald Prize. Amani uses visual art and writing to explore the personal and political dimensions of abuse, loss, identity and resilience.

The Mother Wound
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