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The Job Market – Are you feeling lucky?


With rising unemployment, underemployment and the fear of even saying the word recession, a strong and consistent sentiment for many is “I’m lucky to have a job.” And possibly the view from those who are unfortunately out of work, is that their opinion is true.

Expressing this in terms of gratitude for employment can have many benefits. As practicing gratitude can help build relationships, enhance empathy, improve your sleep and mental strength. However, can there be too much of a good thing? Perhaps when it is taken advantage of, or keeps you stuck in a job that starts out feeling unsatisfying but ultimately grows into something that negatively impacts your mind, body and spirit.

While supportive of organisations doing all they can to stay in business and keep people employed, I question how long will people be content with having a job where they are working full time hours for 80% of the pay or their hours have been cut back to the point where they are struggling to make ends meet. How long can organisations bank on the lucky to have a job sentiment?

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Amalia Chilianis
Amalia Chilianishttps://amaliachilianis.com/
Amalia Chilianis is a coach with over 25 years of corporate experience. Shortly due to publish her first book on helping people secure meaningful work in a new future. She is a courageous leader and an encourager of others who is determined that the next 20 years of work and life will be different to the last.
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