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Under the male gaze : Why we still need Feminism

I would like to live in a world where my daughter who is on the cusp of Millennial and Gen Z, wouldn’t have to suffer the misogyny my mother did, or as I have. I would like to and yet, sadly, I still can’t which is frustrating and like so many women, it makes me bloody angry.

9 Female Podcasts We’re loving

Female Hosted Podcasts are on the rise! Needing a bit of lady love and inspiration in your life? Here's 9 fantastic podcasts hosted by Women for your listening pleasure.

Mindful Buying – Discovering some of Melbourne’s secret ethical designers

In a world of instant gratification and disposable everything, there is a new wave starting to push back that encourages sustainable, ethical fashion, buying locally, sourcing pre-loved and making better choices.

Podcast 017 – Sara Cunningham – Founder, Free Mom Hugs

Her book 'How We Sleep at Night: A Mother's Memoir' has been optioned by Jamie Lee Curtis and will be released as a film.

Podcast 005 – Sandy Lowres – Who is The Good Girl?

Who is the Good Girl and how did the Good Girl Confessional all begin? Where did the name come from? On this episode of...

Poke me! Why I’m bang up for vaccinations!

Usually when I'm talking about getting poked I'm eluding to sex, but today I'm teetering in my heels on the edge of the soapbox to discuss a whole other jab involving a syringe. All joking aside, I know this is sometimes an emotive issue and while on most topics I'm about the pros and cons of an argument, when it comes to immunisation, I'm single minded. I'm pro vaccinations.