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Podcast 003 – Deep Kick Girl – Cocktails, donuts & NYC

Kathy from the blog, Deep Kick Girl is a Sydney based creative who describes herself as a twice divorced working mother and a half-assed...

Nick Cave, motorcyles and American flags

Yankee Boy, with his deep Boston drawl, eventually got me to go out with him through music. He  reached out one night to tell me that although he might not be my cup of tea, he happened to have a spare ticket to a Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds concert in Melbourne. How could a girl say no?! I mean it's NICK CAVE!! That's a hell of a first date.

Scary Monsters and super creeps – Stop asking why I’m still single

Every single woman gets sick of people asking why you’re still single. Some smug long-term coupled up people tend to live in bubbles and have lost sight of how complicated the dating game can be.  Let me clarify. It’s not actually hard to meet someone. You can meet a dozen people tomorrow if you don’t care who they are.

A Toast to MILFs

I blush to admit that I only recently found out what the term MILF actually stands for. For some reason I thought it was something to do with fucking mothers-in-law and couldn’t quite understand the attraction.Now that I know I have grown very fond of the concept and, when asked to write a guest post for one of my very favourite blogs – this here The Good Girl Confessional – I almost immediately decided to write about reclaiming MILF as a term of affirmation...