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Surviving a break up – Ten Tips towards recovery

I'm fairly confident of this - as contrite as it seems, time heals most wounds. It doesn't erase memories, but it does heal. When a relationship ends and leaves us bleeding, we hope (some will pray) for time to speed up.

Ghosting – The art of behaving badly!

I’ve been hearing a lot lately about tales of “ghosting”. Not ghouls that go bump in the night, mind you. Ghosting is the new moniker given to dumping someone by never communicating with them again. I mean, who hasn’t said that out loud…”And then I never heard from him/her again?”

It’s my (pity) party and I’ll cry if I want to!

Doubt is like a poisonous weed isn’t it? I started to do the dangerous dance of dissecting myself, something I haven’t done in the longest time. Insecurities start to set in. I started to imagine ridiculous things – pity party!

The Ex Factor – dancing with ghosts of dating-past

“And so you felt like dropping inAnd just expect me to be freeBut now I'm saving all my lovingFor someone who's loving me…”...