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Regina Petra Meyer


An explorer at heart. Driven by an insatiable curiosity and a zest for life, her path has been filled with unexpected adventures, confronting learning experiences, and an abundance of fun and frivolous moments. With Regina's memoir she wishes to inspire her audience to boldly and courageously reach for the life they dream of and aspire to, to live with an open heart, and to embrace their journey as an empowering and rewarding opportunity for their own evolution. Growing up surrounded by snow-capped mountains and crisp freshwater lakes in Switzerland, she decided from an early age that her life was going to stretch beyond the traditional confines of her culture. To suit her growing desire for world travel and adventure, she chose to become a Travel Consultant and soon after graduation embraced a globetrotting lifestyle. Over the years she has travelled to remote and exotic locations on six continents and have connected with people from many cultures. In Regina's early thirties she immigrated to Australia. Desiring a professional change, she proceeded to make a living as a Horse-Riding Tour Guide and as a Dive Instructor on the Great Barrier Reef. Later on, driven by the wish to interact with people on a deeper level, she gained qualification as a Yoga Teacher and worked as a Carer for people with intellectual disabilities. She was engrossed with books from a young age and began storytelling through travel blogs and newsletters in her early twenties. Regina held onto a long-harboured dream to write a book, but it was not until she sat at a table with a seasoned author in late 2016 that prompted her to fully commit to the writing. To Regina, there is nothing more fulfilling than a good belly-laugh. she leads an active lifestyle and spends much of her time in nature hiking and exploring. She has crossed oceans on sailing boats and are regularly seen hurtling along a forestry trail on her mountain bike. Currently, she resides in the tropical city of Cairns in Australia but remain an avid traveller to this day (unless she was cooped up at home during a pandemic, of course).

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