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Pia Antico


Pia Antico is the Founder of Essential Awakening Mentoring, a Crone Life Joy Reboot Mentor/Coach/Trainer, International Public Speaker & Best-Selling Author. She intuitively guides single, empty-nester, women over 40 to ditch their regrets, claim their unapologetic authenticity, age disgracefully, & quit being an unwilling bystander in their lives; without getting stuck rehashing, analysing & reframing trauma stories. Embodying her unique 6 step AWAKEN the joy within©️ framework helps them to free themselves from limiting beliefs & create lives of fun, through trusting the guidance of their radiant Higher Self Wisdom. Pia holds three degrees in Psychology, Counselling Training, and Certification in the 3 Principles Paradigm; she brings into her intuitive transformational coaching a wealth of insights gained from a litany of growth experiences. At 49, she is a 'three near deaths before 30, two abusive marriages, & major head injury life rebuilder' whose mission is to help single, empty nester businesswomen over 40 to effortlessly get past their darkest moments by tapping into their innate well-being. So that they can shine the light of their radiant, joyful wisdom & step into their dreamed of future. Pia wants single empty nester women over 40 to know in their bones that their past doesn't predict their future & now is the time to dream big.

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