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Jane Vandermeer
Jane Vandermeer

Jane Vandermeer is a highly intuitive, gentle & innovative thought leader.

She has always had a love of high-end fashion… could say that it is her blood.

As a creative & entrepreneurial thinker, she has a 30-year career within the Fashion Industry. Including:

Designer, Tailor, Pattern Maker, Quality Control, Buyer, Wholesale & Retail sales, Lecturer, Business Owner, Creator……

She has created & built a number of award-winning businesses within the Fashion & Creative industries. Starting with a Couture design business styling & creating wardrobes for beautiful women.

A highly accomplished buyer & Australasian sales manager. She manages to find time to teach, lecture & inspire Tertiary fashion students.

Jane has the ability to truly listen to her clients, from a non-judgemental perspective. Gently guiding them to a revised, updated & truly authentic aesthetic.

She understands that women are multi-dimensional. Our identities are a tangle of connections to activities, places, interests, values & aspirations.

Jane has an innate ability to connect with her clients often when they can’t always articulate their own needs.

She is in tune with trends but a confident individualist when it comes to style.

Jane has also built a number of other businesses. Intuitive Whispers and Finesse Business & Style. Multi Award-winning Australian made artisan Parfume Oils & Natural Deodorants. Ethical luxury for the conscious consumer. An International multi-award winning business, featured in many places including VOGUE UK.