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Podcast 016 – Nadene Marsh & Sarah Hennessey – Let’s Talk Menopause

Many women listening here in The Confessional, or of a certain age, will be going through peri-menopause or menopause. Host Sandy Lowres chats to Nadine Marsh, a Women’s Health facilitator, and Sarah Hennessey, Natural Health practitioner and Doctor of Chinese Medicine, about their innovative workshops for women – Menomorphisis: Reclaiming, Reframing and Reinventing Menopause. When Nadine started to go through her own menopause journey, she started to research and then work with other people to reclaim herself. Joining forces with Sarah after they realised there was a gap in the information women were seeking, they started Menomorphosis Workshops to help women feel the best they can about themselves. They explore how hormones affect women throughout their lives as well as cultural perspectives around menopause and offer simple tools to support harmony, balance and wellness. As a doctor of Chinese Medicine, Sarah has a philosophy of a holistic approach to balancing hormones, working along side modern medicine. So let’s talk about everything from hot flushes and beyond.

Sandy Lowres

Sandy is a writer, creative and podcaster based in Melbourne’s west. She is the proud mother of her three adult children. She has always been passionate about women’s rights and celebrating the diversity of women having been raised by a proud disabled feminist mother herself. As the founder and Creative Director of Wb40 – Women Beyond Forty Magazine, she’s had a diverse and interesting career that has seen her wear various hats – business owner, manager, coordinator, writer, blogger and creative. She has never been afraid to challenge herself and has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. If “Wb40” reminds you of another thing entirely Sandy jokes that it’s the lubricant for your mind! In this world, representation matters, and right now in the publishing world, women over forty are not well represented. Sandy has been that woman fighting for her voice to be heard. As a mother, a single parent keeping her head above water, a business owner and a corporate worker. Although her background is diverse, the one constant is a desire to help others, to build a community, to give back and to bring people together. The journey of Wb40 – Women Beyond Forty, is not an accident. Sandy started an award-nominated blog back in 2013 which changed and evolved and has an established community of amazing women who are proud members of a tribe — industry leaders, creatives, disruptors, authors, survivors, inspirational keynote speakers, disability advocates and activists, teachers, nurses, doctors — many who are well known and respected in their fields. Women who, just like her, are seeking change in the world, and understand that the collective wisdom of women can make a positive difference in the world. When she reached out to women with her vision for Wb40 and her podcast The Good Girl Confessional, their collective enthusiasm, advice and encouragement was overwhelmingly positive and was honoured that they offered advice, their knowledge, time and expertise. They wanted to share their stories and write for Wb40. All of them without question wanted to be involved, believing in the vision but also understanding the need for such a platform. When Sandy couldn’t find the platform was looking for, with help from some friends, she created it here. Let’s start a revolution.

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