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#93 (rebroadcast) Sandy Davies | Founder Happy Pause

Today in The Confessional, Sandy chats with Sandy Davies, entrepreneur and founder of Happy Pause Menopause Balm. Necessity is often the mother of invention...

#48 Shirley Billson | The Menopause Anxiety Coach

Our special guest is Shirley Billson. Shirley, based in the UK, is the Menopause Anxiety Coach, helping women to change to rules of menopause,...

Contributor | Sandy Davies

Sandy, the creator of HappyPause.  Bringing HappyPause Menopause Balm to you brings Sandy immense joy.  HappyPause is not about making menopause disappear, it is about easing...

Diary of a peri-menopausal warrior Queen

Please note: for all things medical, physical or emotional, we recommend you reach out to your medical health practitioner for advice Back in July,...