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Podcast 015 – Kerri Sackville – author, columnist, and social commentator

Today in the Confessional we chat to writer Kerri Sackville! Kerri is an Australian author, columnist, social commentator, media personality and mother of three....

Podcast 003 – Deep Kick Girl – Cocktails, donuts & NYC

Kathy from the blog, Deep Kick Girl is a Sydney based creative who describes herself as a twice divorced working mother and a half-assed...

Music, heart strings and bumble bees

2018 saw me take my first holiday in over 5 years. I went to Bali with three brilliant girlfriends. I found myself in Seminyak in a private villa in tropical surrounds with cocktails, massages and so much laughter. We ate brilliant food, we danced the night away and watched glorious sunsets of purple and orange hues. We laughed so much I thought we all might pee our middle-aged pants! I felt incredibly humbled to share the experience with friends I have known since childhood  and love dearly. For the first time I can remember since my marriage ended 8 years ago, I actually relaxed.

All the pretty words…the tale of the Author

Once upon a time, in down town Melbourne, as I, the Good Girl, professed to the universe that I was ready for the right guy to come along… and then my phone buzzed. Was this a sign?

Of brains and brawn…Enter the Strongman

Dating can be a bit of a three-ring circus. I don’t have to tell you that if, like me, you find yourself on the so called wrong side of 40, and you’ve been on the dating hamster wheel for a little while. What happens when you date a work colleague? Enter the strongman.

The very Bridget life of the Good Girl

As the cab pulled up near the event, I managed to step out as elegantly as I could whilst holding my mobile to my ear. Then the unthinkable happened. Snap! That’s the bloody sound of my stiletto breaking.

The Usual Suspects…the men you’re most likely to meet online!

Now I don’t want to be a downer gorgeous single women of a certain age, but when you find yourself dating in your 40’s, your likely to come across certain types of men. It’s easy to think such men are just stereotypes, but once I dated a few and was contacted by many more, I started to understand that most men do indeed fit into categories. Here’s a few of the usual suspects.

Scary Monsters and super creeps – Stop asking why I’m still single

Every single woman gets sick of people asking why you’re still single. Some smug long-term coupled up people tend to live in bubbles and have lost sight of how complicated the dating game can be.  Let me clarify. It’s not actually hard to meet someone. You can meet a dozen people tomorrow if you don’t care who they are.

Captain America…and the pieces of my heart 

I'm slowly navigating the realities of my single life. Single. It's a word that rolls around my tongue like a the sting of lemon juice...bitter, yet familiar. When I first moved out of the home I shared with the Producer, I felt strong, proud and a little empowered. Then I didn't. Grief is a powerful force that one can run from, but you can't hide. Grief will always find you in a bizarre game of emotional cat and mouse. You simply have to go through the process. One day at a time.

Weddings and the apocalypse

While some people might think planning a wedding is a bit of a nightmare, or that falling in love might be a tad scary, here's one bride who took that very sentiment and ran with it! Enjoy this slightly spooky wedding tale!