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Lets talk Vagina

Imagine for a moment that you are at the point of climax … you know … the world is fuzzing out, your body feels like it’s levitating, your energetic vibration is at an all-time high, and they say that we are closest to our ‘sacred feminine’. At that moment, our focus is so deeply on ourselves and our urgent need to release. With such bliss within our reach, we should be seeking this feeling as much as we feel is a healthy amount for us! However, when we make our list of to-dos for the day, where ‘must have orgasm’ falls is often somewhere down near number 4 behind exercise, organise dinner and take the dog for a walk. Ladies, it is time to move our personal pleasure up the list, take a page out of the book of men as it’s time to ‘think’ with our vaginas!

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Naomi Radke
Naomi Radkehttp://www.o-metime.com
After 20 years as an airline pilot in Australia, Naomi Radke realised that women deserve to start seeking what they desire, and moved into a sassy side hustle. She created O-Me Time, a sophisticated erotic story club for women to awaken their Intimate Identities and shift their priorities back to the sensual powerhouses that they are. She tackles the taboo around sex, and seeks to empower women to make ‘Sensuality Without Shame’ a good habit. www.o-metime.com
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