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#34 Jules Brooke | She's the Boss The Good Girl Confessional

Today on the podcast our special guest is Jules Brooke! Jules is a public relations expert but she’s no ordinary PR person. Jules has handled hundreds of PR Campaigns for businesses and entrepreneurs helping them to get their stories into the media. Jules is an engaging keynote speaker and is also the host of her Ticker TV show She’s the Boss which is exclusively about women. In 2003 Jules started her own PR agency specialising in entertainment but she soon gravitated to innovation, start ups and female entrepreneurs which led her to create Handle Your Own PR as a side husks. Jules is a woman who is on a mission to support other women in business and helping other women to rise. In 2017 Jules courageously sold her house, using the money to develop a PR platform and started teaching PR full time. Welcome to the confessional Jules!You can follow Jules at: www.julesbrooke.comThe Good Girl Confessional Podcast is proudly brought to you by Wb40 – Women Beyond Forty Magazine. Join the Revolution here:wb40.comhttps://www.facebook.com/womenbeyondfortyhttps://www.instragram.com/womenbeyondfortyhttps://www.instagram.com/thegoodgirlconfessional
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