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The Mavens Podcast

The Mavens Private Diaries Podcast | Sandy

Episode Description "Women Beyond Forty is more than a magazine, more than a Podcast, more than a website.  It is a philosophy that all women...
Sandy Pic on the She's the boss Podcast

She’s the Boss Podcast with Sandy

https://youtu.be/lYKcW0MmChI Sandy Lowres, Founder of WB40 magazine (Women Beyond 40) and The Good Girl Confessional podcast is a woman who has found her groove. And...

Sandy on the cover of US based Magazine | Women who Podcast

Sandy is now a cover girl... 👧 very humbled 😀 If you are a podcaster or just love listening to women who podcast head...

Fresh blood Podcast –

Sandy talks about the importance of believing in yourself, supporting other women, overcoming a great storm of difficulties and how it feels as life...

Podcast – Rebellation with Sandy

Podcast description: Follow this woman. She's great. Sandy Lowres is the Founder and Creative Director of the independent platform WB40 - Women Beyond Forty, a...