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The Hidden Room

One Woman’s journey into Kink.

Anonymous Blogger

Recently my online dating life has taken an interesting turn. By taking a chance and swiping right on a “different” sort of profile I’ve found myself in the world of kink. I suppose I’ve had an abstract interest in this world since I was introduced to Dan Savage’s Savage Lovecast podcast about five years ago. It’s not that I didn’t know that there was a world of kink and fetish out there but I hadn’t really experienced it or known much about it in my personal life.

To be fair I previously had a very brief dating relationship with a man who was into this world and while our fledgling relationship didn’t pan out for other reasons I did enjoy the beginnings of exploring this world with him. A memorable Friday night involved us having very hot sex both dressed as French maids, including stockings and heels.

So some years later I swipe right on J* and very quickly learn of his kinks which are broad and fascinating and exciting. I take a big step into what I call the Hidden Room. It’s been there all along but until someone opens the door for you you can easily keep walking past, not knowing what’s behind that door.

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Anonymous Blogger
This writer asked to remain Anonymous. Based in NSW, she generously shared her experiences of entering the world of Kink parties.
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