Recently, during the binge watching of so many streamed shows due to lock downs and restrictions brought on by the Pandemic, it was heartening to see so many female led series emerging across many platforms. The Handmaid’s Tale, How to Get Away with Murder, Good Girls, Killing Eve, Dead to Me, Grace and Frankie, Shrill, Why Women Kill and Glow. One though really stood out for me in terms of embracing the complexity of female friendships – Firefly Lane.

The series was created by Maggie Friedman, based on the novel of the same name by Kristen Hannah. Focusing on female friends from different sides of the tracks that spans

from the 70’s to the here and now. Starring Katherine Heigl (Tully Hart) and Sarah Chalke (Kate Mularkey), this series could have been dismissed as a flippant Netflix series based on the premise, but it digs deeper into the nuances of long-lasting friendships that for many struck a chord.

While here in Melbourne we faced lockdown 4.0, and indeed other cities around the world applied various restrictions also, the Pandemic highlighted how important and meaningful our human connections have become. We may have lost the ability to meet face to face, but the pandemic saw many women continuing to have Friday night drinks via zoom, starting book clubs or watching the same movies or streamed series to discuss the content later. Women in community groups on social media, supported one another. Friendships are

often built through such mediums, regardless of not meeting in real life.

We certainly haven’t lost the opportunity to share our incredible stories of friendship and sisterhood and what those relationships have meant in our lives. Being part of the Wb40 team that hosts a magazine that celebrates……